Christmas Collection 2021: il Natale delle grandi firme

Christmas Collection 2021: the Christmas of the big names

The big names in international fashion celebrate Christmas with dedicated capsule collections. Versace, Gucci, Valentino, D&G.

Christmas Collection 2021, the great fashion brands celebrate Christmas

It will be a Christmas marked by the return to celebrations, meetings, the pleasure of being together, after two difficult years of pandemic and isolation. And the big names in international fashion have chosen to celebrate it with dedicated capsule collections. Versace, Gucci, Valentino, D&G: all ready to dress the return of Christmas.

Christmas 2020 was truly special. The restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic , in Italy as in many other countries, have transformed a party that is usually enjoyed in company into a moment of closure, with the possibility of sharing traditional appointments with only a few people. Fortunately, 2021 promises to be different. There is a desire to be together again, to hug each other, to toast around rich tables of friends and relatives. There is a desire, therefore, for true joy. A desire that cannot leave the world of fashion indifferent, always very careful to interpret people's moods and give them shape and color. This is how the biggest fashion brands in the world have chosen to celebrate this "return of Christmas" with Christmas Collections full of style and positivity . Here are some.

Gucci Gift 2021

The Florentine fashion house is preparing for a Christmas as a protagonist. In fact, House of Gucci is being shown in cinemas all over the world, a film that reconstructs the tormented life of Maurizio Gucci and whose protagonist is the diva Lady Gaga. In the fashion house's stores, however, the Christmas collection, entitled Gucci Gift 2021, is very popular. A " musical " capsule, conceived around the concept of mixtape and designed to underline the importance of conviviality. For the occasion, an exclusive packaging was also imagined, with the logo reproduced in 100 different fonts, to celebrate the centenary of the brand .

Versace on Ice

The charm and elegance of winter sports are at the heart of Versace 's Christmas campaign. A triumph of glamorous garments and bold looks, embellished with the inevitable gold finishes, which are staged on an evocative ice rink . Christmas explodes in all its magic.

D&G Holidays

In the 2021 Christmas commercial, the designers Dolce and Gabbana , front men of the fashion brand of the same name, transformed themselves into cartoons . In front of a Broadway-style theater, they dance to the tune of "The Night is Small for Us", a vintage song performed by the iconic Kessler twins. A bright and fun scenography that forms the backdrop to a series of regal ideas for men and women .

Valentino – The Party Collection

Valentino 's Christmas collection, on the other hand, focuses everything, right from the title, on the idea of ​​celebration, on the return to parties where you can have fun until late at night. The 2021 Party Collection , in fact, is a triumph of colors, shiny and metallic surfaces, feathers and refined details. The desire to go back to living normally is evident and full of great expectations for the future.