Colori e trend della moda uomo per l’estate 2022

Colors and trends in men's fashion for summer 2022

Spring-summer 2022 men's fashion will be characterized by pastel colors: from yellow to pink, from orange to lilac. Among fabrics, however, linen and cotton continue to dominate.
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Pastel colors and linen and cotton dresses, summer 2022 is all about comfort and softness

The soft man becomes the protagonist of the world's catwalks and dictates the style of spring-summer 2022 men's fashion. Ample space for pastel colors, to be applied on linen and cotton garments, which guarantee freshness and freedom of movement.

A few more weeks of patience and the summer will make its official debut, with its load of news , also and above all in the world of men's fashion . The trends that will dominate the scene in the spring and summer of 2022 are already clear and draw a new profile of man, the signs of which were already visible in past years but which today blossoms in all its evocative power. A man who demonstrates his innate ability to go beyond the barriers of stereotypes , which would like the ideal of masculinity to always be the same, immutable over the centuries.

The revenge of the soft boy

Style experts have renamed it soft boy , to underline its sweetness and soft contours. The man of spring-summer 2022 fashion, in fact, has no qualms about wearing pastel colors and garments with delicate lines . Her wardrobe is tinged with pink , yellow , orange , light blue , even lilac and lavender . A chromatic choice that winks at fluidity , breaking down another piece of the barriers that separate what is masculine from what is feminine, at least in the collective imagination. On the other hand, such a clear openness to novelty and color can only happen during the hottest season of the year, full of lightheartedness and the desire to have fun . Whether it is spent at the seaside or in the mountains, in Italy or abroad, with your love or among friends, summer is the perfect time to let your personality free, taking the right distance from the obligations of daily life and work , which often end up compressing one's own style too.

Freshness and comfort

In addition to the bright colors, however, this desire for freedom is also expressed through the choice of fabrics and garments . And for 2022, linen and cotton are confirmed as the absolute protagonists of spring-summer fashion. Light but resistant fabrics, very fresh and comfortable , which make any style solution comfortable. Shirts , first of all, should be worn loose and slightly unbuttoned, to best show off an impeccable tan. The same goes for trousers , both short and long, which, thanks to the lightness of the weaving, are extremely comfortable. However, you can dress in cotton from head to toe, literally. In fact, in the heat of July and August, what could be more comfortable than slipping into a pair of espadrilles ? Iconic footwear that brings to mind all the desire for the sea and the beach that was harbored during the winter and that the time has come to release.