Estate 2022, la nuova collezione Saveone sbarca in Sicilia

Summer 2022, the new Saveone collection lands in Sicily

Saveone's summer 2022 collection was presented with a press trip on a gulet. Linen is the protagonist, in all its shapes and shades.
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Summer 2022, the Saveone collection sets sail aboard a gulet

To present the summer 2022 collection, Saveone organized an evocative press trip aboard a gulet, along the wonderful coasts of Sicily, between Mondello, Scopello and Castellamare del Golfo. A total immersion in the environment that inspired the fabrics and colors of the garments that the brand offers to fully enjoy the warmest and most fun months of the year.

Imagining a fashion collection means giving substance to a precise vision of elegance and style , but also evoking sensations and emotions , to tell, through the garments that compose it, one's idea of ​​life and the future. Because a collection is not just a disjointed sequence of clothes and accessories but a unitary and complex reality, held together by a well-defined common thread.

From Mondello to Castellamare del Golfo, Saveone tells his story on board a gulet

This is why Saveone has chosen to present its Summer 2022 collection with a unique event , which brought to light its authentic inspiration: the poetry of the sea, the warmth of Sicily, the freedom of a boat trip. The first press trip of its young history, an evocative itinerary aboard a gulet , off the Sicilian coast , between Mondello, Scopello and Castellamare del Golfo. For four days, the journalists present (GQ, Esquire and Style Magazine) were able to interact directly with Valerio Bartolo and Andrea Melchiorre , creators of Saveone and all its collections, to better understand the work and commitment behind a champion brand of craftsmanship and made in Italy. Furthermore, the models Antonio Moriconi and Alessandro Zarino also took part in the event, who, together with Andrea himself, wear the garments in the shots that make up the catalogue, and a representative of Scalapay , a commercial partner for four years already.

Freshness and comfort, the watchwords of summer 2022

The scenography of this exclusive and original presentation managed to collect and express all the elements that characterize the summer collection that Saveone proposes for 2022 . At the center remain the always fixed points: exaltation of Italianness , versatility of the garments, quality of the fabrics, attention to detail. Linen reigns supreme, the symbol par excellence of summer fashion, used above all for trousers and shirts. A fabric with an ancient history, therefore, but which is experiencing a new youth thanks to modern lines, which do not disdain adherence, while maintaining freshness and comfort . Perfect solutions for those who love casual style but also effective if you want a more classic touch. The range of colors is also wide, used above all in solid colours: alongside more traditional shades, such as white and beige, extrovert and trendy accents appear, such as baby blue and pink. The wardrobe is completed by shoes , with espadrilles reigning supreme, and a vast range of accessories , from belts to hats, from ties to backpacks. Nothing is missing to create your own look and indulge in the unforgettable flavor of summer.