Anyone who thought that Saveone was a flash in the pan had to think again. Today we are a continuously loved brand growth and constantly development . More and more of you are choosing us with satisfaction. And in the midst of all this movement of ideas and projects, I feel the need to write down a few lines in first person, to tell you what the intuitions and values ​​are that inspired me in this adventure, and continue to be the driving force of Saveone.

My name is Andrea, and I am the founder of Saveone .

Made in Italy fashion at affordable prices

The made in Italy , first of all. But the real one, 360 degrees, which does not compromise. The Saveone collections are Italian from start to finish . Because the raw materials are Italian and the artisans who make them are Italian. Not to mention the design of the models, which Valerio, my friend and partner, and I take care of directly. On the other hand, if you really want to sell Made in Italy without making fun of anyone you have to do this: guarantee that each garment is 100% born and developed in Italy . And we manage to do this even by maintaining gods affordable prices to everyone, because we have completely eliminated the steps intermediates: each dress or accessory passes directly from the manufacturer to the final customer. We believe in this philosophy so much that we will continue to invest in this direction. I'll tell you beforehand, we are working on special collections in collaboration with companies and stylists who work only made in Italy .

Style suitable for every man, on every occasion

The other pillar that I always stand on is the versatility of Saveone proposals. Our goal is to speak to all men and give them the opportunity to find garments suitable for all situations: work, free time, special occasions. Every man, regardless of style or age, must be able to dress with made in Italy signed Saveone. It is the same idea that we try to convey in all our communication and marketing campaigns, with which we put on our clothes in everyday life , in situations that we experience every day. According to some, this aspiration to be transversal is a sign of little personality. The truth is just the opposite, because it is a sign of strength : we produce more, in the belief that the products will sell like hot cakes anyway. And then we also do a favor to many women, who will have an easier time finding the right gift for their man.

Invest without fear

I said it at the beginning: since he was born, Saveone has never stopped. Investing was the watchword of these years and continues to be so. Collection after collection, for example, we have perfected the logistics , optimizing processes and warehouse and size management, improving production and delivery times, implementing order tracking. All this translates into a better service provided to customers , who we also support with active assistance 7 days a week. We have also invested a lot in research, to offer increasingly better fashion lines, both in terms of fabrics, style and workmanship. And research, for us, also means opening up to eco-sustainability , therefore use fabrics that can enter the circuit of recycling and so do not burden the environment . Finally with the communication sector, to which we have dedicated and continue to dedicate great efforts in the awareness that it is a fundamental tool for communicating with people. Next stop? The dream of a lifetime: a second physical store a Rome . We'll talk about it again soon.

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