Cravatta e stile, a ogni occasione il nodo giusto

Tie and style, the right knot for every occasion

Tying a tie may seem like a trivial operation, to be done without thinking too much. In reality, it is a precise choice of style, which must be combined with your look, exactly like a pair of shoes or an accessory. In fact, there are many types of tie knots. Let's see the four most famous ones and find out how to match them to your outfit, to fascinate with class.

Among the symbols of men's fashion, the tie certainly occupies an important place. Its history has ancient roots and, century after century, it has established itself as a must-have in the men's wardrobe. Combined with the jacket, it represents elegance par excellence but can also be worn in style just over a shirt, or together with a waistcoat. What is important is knowing how to choose it tastefully, given that there are countless variations. And then the knot , another fundamental thing , because you have to be good at doing it but also at choosing it. In fact, there are several knots for ties but they are not all suitable for every occasion. The four most famous knots are the Windsor , its half-Windsor variant, the simple and the small . Let's see when to use them.

Windsor knot and half Windsor

It is the knot inspired by the style of the British nobleman Windsor , who according to some was its inventor, while others attribute its paternity to the Piedmontese tailor Domenico Scappino (this is why it is also called the Scappino knot). It is large and triangular , very symmetrical , perfect to make with light ties , perhaps silk, and to wear on shirts with open collars . Its width means that the tie remains short, which is why it is good to combine it with a waistcoat . Ideal for formal occasions and sophisticated outfits . The same goes for the half Windsor variant, which differs in its smaller width and asymmetrical appearance.

Simple knot

The simple knot is such in name and in fact. A characteristic that makes it the most chosen by men, especially in everyday life. Easy to make, versatile in combinations. It is suitable for different occasions and can be made with any type of tie , both thin and thick. It appears elongated and has a slightly asymmetrical conical shape . It is ideal for the physique of men with a medium or medium-tall height .

Small knot

Even the small knot has a classic and versatile style. It is perfect for use on narrow collars and for tying thick ties . In fact, it is not recommended to use it with light ties, because it tends to crease them. Be careful, though, yes to a small knot only if you are above average height and perhaps have a sturdy neck, otherwise it looks out of place and doesn't enhance the outfit.