Mocassini da uomo, una scarpa che ha fatto la storia.

Men's moccasins, a shoe that made history.

History and successes of men's moccasins, a shoe with timeless charm

Moccasins are a shoe that cannot be missing from a man's wardrobe. Practical and original, they give personality to any type of outfit. Theirs is an ancient and successful story, which is still renewed today. Saveone pays homage to the timeless style of moccasins with models made in Italy entirely handmade by expert craftsmen.

If there is a men's shoe capable of embodying the sense of freedom and originality that characterize spring and summer, this is undoubtedly the moccasin . With its unique lines and its priceless softness, it is a shoe that has proven capable of spanning the centuries , retaining its uniqueness but adapting to different styles . Today moccasins are a must have in the men's wardrobe , perfect to wear in combination with casual outfits but also suitable for more elegant solutions. But where does the success of this versatile shoe come from?

From American Indians to contemporary catwalks: the long history of moccasins

In reality, moccasins have a very long history , the origins of which are uncertain and confused, as often happens with objects that have become iconic. The challenge over the paternity of the moccasin pits two rather particular populations against each other: the American Indians and the Lapps . Both developed rudimentary footwear that had in embryo the characteristics of future moccasins. And they did it practically at the same time, despite having no contact with each other. Both the American Indians and the Lapps, in fact, when they set out on their long hunting trips, wrapped their feet in a single piece of leather (deerskin for the Native Americans, leather for the Northern Europeans), which must have had three characteristics: lightness, softness and resistance. Just like a moccasin.

To see this rudimentary shoe transformed into a real trendy shoe, however, we had to wait several centuries and arrive at the 1930s , when GH Bass , an American boot manufacturing company, launched the loafers , i.e. the modern ones, on the market. men's moccasins. It's a real boom, also driven by a truly exceptional testimonial: Fred Astaire . The dancer, in fact, wears moccasins during his tap dance performances, consecrating them as a true icon of men's fashion. Since then, these shoes have never disappeared from the men's fashion catwalks, always managing to reinvent themselves. Today, there are different models , suitable for all needs.

Made in Italy moccasins by Saveone

Even Saveone , in its collections, never fails to include moccasin models that can satisfy men who love style and practicality , who do not give up an original touch even when they are at work or when they indulge in a casual look. The crown jewel of the Saveone loafers is undoubtedly the Pablo model , inspired by the classic slipper . It is a shoe entirely made in Italy , made in the production district of Caserta , the Italian homeland of artisanal shoe factories . Offered in two versions, in leather or suede, it is a fine shoe, embellished with careful handcrafting . The lines are simple, enriched by fringe and tassels; the available colors range from the classic dark brown to the delicious green and tobacco. Furthermore, for the upcoming season, Saveone is planning to launch a new model of moccasins : the College model, with a more elegant and refined soul.