Le nuove tendenze della moda consapevole

The new trends of conscious fashion

Conscious fashion professes a new, more horizontal and equal relationship between brand and public, to truly realize slow fashion ideals.

Conscious fashion, the virtuous encounter between ethics and aesthetics

Fashion is aware that knows how to build a transparent horizontal relationship with its customers, giving them the opportunity to know what they buy. A concept of fashion that combines contemporary pressures in favor of sustainable consumption from both an environmental and social point of view.

The increasingly intense climate crisis, the worsening of social inequalities, the emergence of new pandemic risks, the winds of war. The contemporary world is inevitably crossed by conflicts that generate concern and mistrust but which are also capable of triggering virtuous, equal and opposite responses . An ever-increasing number of people, in fact, choose to react by questioning their lifestyles , to imagine a different world. From the automotive sector to new technologies, from food consumption to energy consumption: all production sectors are affected by social pressures that demand greater attention to the impact of man on society and the planet . Awareness is the new buzzword. And it is the same for fashion .

A slow, sustainable fashion that guarantees workers' rights

The fashion sector , in fact, has always been one of the most sensitive thermometers to changes in society. A world often portrayed as frivolous and superficial but which in reality knows how to intercept new needs more than others , responding coherently to people's needs. This is how, for example, the slow fashion movement is gaining ground, as opposed to the fast fashion practiced above all by the large digital clothing portals. A slowness that means greater attention to quality rather than quantity and which translates into a predilection for artisanal or semi-artisanal garments , made with controlled raw materials and assembled by workers whose rights are respected . A virtuous attitude in which ecology and social responsibility come together. Trends that Saveone immediately chose to embrace, offering fashion oriented towards sustainability criteria.

Responsibility comes from transparency

To be able to truly speak to the heart of their audience, however, brands that embark on the path of conscious fashion must learn to be frank and transparent . Correct information and advertising, in fact, are the key to building a real relationship with those who purchase the garments. Before buying a shirt or a pair of trousers, the customer wants and must know how they are made, where they come from, how they are worked. Only this knowledge can lead to truly informed purchases . Large and small fashion brands, therefore, must learn to talk about themselves with honesty and competence , building a relationship with their admirers that is long-lasting and based on trust . Conscious fashion is also this: a new balance in the dialogue between brand and public, more horizontal and equal.