Moda uomo estate 2021: 3 tendenze che faranno la differenza

Summer men's fashion 2021: 3 trends that will make the difference

Color, softness and sportiness. Three key words to describe the men's fashion trends for the 2021 summer season. The national and international catwalks have already revealed the trends for the hot months, with a clear emphasis on light-heartedness and comfort.

Spring is upon us and international fashion is preparing to face the new hot season . The big brands and the most well-known designers have already presented their collections , both for men and women. Garments that recall holidays, carefreeness, the desire for escape and lightness. Scrolling through the images coming from men's catwalks around the world, you can clearly imagine what the essential trends will be for spring-summer 2021 . Here are the 3 rules to keep in mind to always be in trend, without giving up your style and personality.

Free the color

Summer is sun, heat, brightness. With the summer, wardrobes are filled with items in bright shades , which invite fun and bring to mind the atmosphere of an engaging aperitif by the sea or a walk in the heart of unknown locations. 2021 will be no exception. Indeed, color , in international fashion choices, seems to have an edge, perhaps as a reaction and cure to the spreading pandemic and the sense of precariousness that it transmits. Space, therefore, for pastel shades , combined with brighter colours . Without forgetting the playfulness and originality of the prints and patterns , especially on shirts and t-shirts.

Choose comfort

When the sun beats down hard, at the seaside or in the mountains, there is a need for freshness and comfort . This is why summer 2021 men's fashion openly declares its preference for loose and soft clothing , which is not tight and does not sacrifice. Wide trousers and oversized t-shirts cannot be missing. Even better if made of light and typically summer fabrics, such as cotton and linen.

Indulge the sporting soul

Staying on the topic of comfort, it is difficult to imagine something more comfortable and practical than a sporty look . The catwalks have now also cleared tracksuits, previously relegated outside the pantheon of high fashion, but it is not necessary to go so "far" to exhibit a style characterized by sportiness. Cleanliness and simplicity are the watchwords, you are in the lines and in the colors. The result will be a fresh outfit , both to look at and to wear.