Nasce il primo store di Saveone, dove il digitale incontra la realtà

The first Saveone store is born, where digital meets reality

On September 30th Saveone will open its first store in Milan. A hybrid space between physical store and digital vocation. Find out more.

The first Saveone store is born, where digital meets reality

An unmissable event to mark in your diary: on 30 September 2022 Saveone's first physical store will open in Milan. After 4 years of digital success, therefore, the made in Italy brand is preparing to take the big step: opening a "real" store. A project that was already scheduled for 2021 but was postponed due to Covid. A real leap into the future, for a brand that has always been proudly digital.

Digital becomes real

The year was 2018, when Andrea Melchiorre , model and influencer, and Valerio Bartolo , descendant of a family of entrepreneurs in the fashion sector, decided to create a new men's fashion brand . In their projects, Saveone , this is the name chosen, had to be based on three pillars: made in Italy style , quality of raw materials , accessibility of prices . Well-groomed and trendy garments capable of speaking to men of different ages. All strictly online. Four years later, the two founders reap the fruits of that intuition and decide to take a further step forward: open the first physical store, in Milan , the city of fashion (precisely in via Alberico Albricci 9). But not a traditional shop, but a place where digital becomes real and real becomes digital . A hybrid space, tangible but technologically cutting-edge, so as not to distort the original soul of Saveone. Inside the store, in fact, there will be a totem and iPads through which it will be possible to purchase all the items, even those not available in the store, with the opportunity to try them on and then receive them (with in-store collection or home delivery ).

A tailor's shop that smells of the Coast

However, since fashion lives not only on digital, but also on physical traditions, the Saveone store in Milan will also host a tailor's shop , which can be accessed by making an appointment via the website. To make their suit, customers will be able to choose from thousands of fine fabrics , from Loro Piana to Vitale Barberis Canonico . All of this, framed by refined design, supervised by the architect Giuseppe Spasiano and his Studio 87 in Sorrento . It is no coincidence that the Amalfi Coast itself is the inspiration for the style of the Saveone store, which manages to intertwine the typical elements of that wonderful slice of Italy with the innovative spirit typical of Milan. In short, a place waiting to be discovered, elegantly suspended between past and future, a timeless space where fashion becomes immortal .