Camicia di lino da uomo, il must have dell’estate

Men's linen shirt, the summer must have

The linen shirt is the timeless protagonist of summer fashion, especially for men. Fresh and light, the men's linen shirt is a garment that never ages.

The linen shirt dominates men's summer fashion

Solid color or patterned, worn closed or slightly unbuttoned, combined with jeans or Bermuda shorts. Everyone adapts the linen shirt to their own tastes and personality. No man, however, is capable of giving it up, especially in summer, when you want to stay fresh without giving up style. This is why over the years the linen shirt has gained an undisputed leading role in the men's summer wardrobe.

Raise your hand if you don't have at least one linen shirt in your wardrobe in the summer? It's really impossible to find someone who doesn't have one. Linen, in fact, is the symbolic fabric of the summer period . And the linen shirt is a must have in men's fashion , one of those timeless garments that are never forgotten. With the arrival of the first spring temperatures, here it is once again the protagonist of the wardrobe, in all its countless variations. Saveone also offers a wide choice of linen shirts, with perfect lines to adapt to different occasions.

Light, eclectic and sustainable. That's why the linen shirt always wins.

The love affair between fashion and linen is centuries old. This textile fibre, in fact, is the oldest that man has ever used . Suffice it to say that the plant from which it is obtained was already cultivated by the Egyptians, Babylonians and Phoenicians. Even today, despite the proliferation of hi-tech and latest generation fabrics, stylists make extensive use of linen in their collections, because it is a fabric with extraordinary properties , especially regarding the regulation of body temperature. Very different garments are made in linen, from trousers to t-shirts, up to obviously the iconic shirts.

But why is the linen shirt so successful? The reasons are multiple. First of all, it is an extremely comfortable garment, because it is light and fresh , which leaves a sensation of delicacy and freedom on the skin. Furthermore, linen shirts are made in many different patterns , so as to be able to satisfy any taste and need. Finally, even if it is a garment with a clear casual profile, embellished with the right combination, it can also be a valid ally in environments where greater elegance is required (as long as it is not formal). Finally, another characteristic of linen that should not be underestimated is its eco-sustainability . The flax plant, in fact, requires little water and absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide, helping to clear the atmosphere. And linen items can be disposed of much more easily.

How to wear a linen shirt: some style tips

Over the years, Saveone has always chosen to dedicate ample space in its collections to linen shirts , ranging in shades and patterns and enhancing their versatility. Beyond the packaging, however, a linen shirt must also be worn well, despite being a simple and essential garment. Here are some style tips to avoid mistakes.

  • Elegant yes, formal no. The linen shirt is usually associated with the summer mood, with aperitifs on the beach, with walks by the sea. Nothing prevents, however, that it can also be worn in situations where a more refined look is required, perhaps by combining it with nice jeans and a moccasin. Even at work, opting for a casual business style. The important thing, however, is to never choose it to display it in formal contexts.
  • Buttoned or unbuttoned. Both versions are fine, it depends on the overall combination you have chosen and the context in which you find yourself. For example, if you are wearing Bermuda shorts and the situation is extremely informal, you are welcome to leave the top buttons free.
  • Never in your pants! Linen shirts were not created to suffer strangled by a leather belt but to move freely over trousers, releasing all their freshness.
  • Not too wide, not too narrow. The fit cut is not suitable for the linen shirt, which must never adhere to the body. Be careful, however, if you do the opposite: it should be worn soft but don't give the impression of having bought one that's too big.