Occhiali da sole da uomo: ecco come sceglierli

Men's sunglasses: here's how to choose them

Sunglasses are an iconic accessory. Their presence is able to give style and personality to every outfit. But how do you choose the most suitable ones?

Sunglasses, an accessory that has become a style icon

Choosing men's sunglasses is a delicate operation. The right lens, in fact, gives personality to the face and makes every outfit unique. Sunglasses are not a simple accessory but a true icon of timeless style.

Defining sunglasses as simply an accessory is one of the most serious wrongs that can be done to a now iconic object, capable of changing, with its mere presence, the flavor of an outfit . It is no coincidence that for many characters in the world of entertainment , sunglasses have become a specific distinctive sign. Just think of John Lennon 's round, dark lenses or Elton John 's eccentric frames. And the list could continue for a long time, also spanning the world of cinema and television. Confirmation comes from every latitude: sunglasses are much more than a simple pair of dark lenses . They are an immovable presence in global fashion , a symbol capable of renewing itself year after year. This is why they must be chosen with extreme care , both for reasons of look and for reasons of eye health.

How to choose sunglasses

At this point, however, the question arises spontaneously: how do you choose men's sunglasses? A question that has two sides: one aesthetic and the other linked to well-being . From an aesthetic point of view, sunglasses must harmonize with the face , enhancing its strengths and perhaps hiding some defects.

The most important thing is undoubtedly the shape of the frame , which must fit well into the lines of the face. The general rule is to play against each other. On a face with soft and rounded features, therefore, it is better to wear square lenses; vice versa, on an angular face, circular frames look better.

Another chapter: that of the color of the frame . This time you need to pay attention to your skin tone and also your hair tone. On pale skin, bright and not too bold colors go well together, such as green, pink, silver. For those with a dark or olive complexion, however, it is better to go for warm shades, such as brown or red. Then there are some particular combinations that are quite successful, such as green and blue with red hair.

Finally, it remains to select the color of the lens . In this case, however, rather than aesthetic considerations, we must be guided by those relating to the use to be made of the glasses. In fact, each shade of lens corresponds to a different ability to dampen light and a different effect on the possibility of distinguishing details. Black or gray lenses, for example, offer high brightness shielding, while dark green or dark blue ones are more suitable for frequent use, because they guarantee better vision. Finally, softer colors make the glasses more fun and imaginative, but protect the eyes less.

Saveone sunglasses, a collection that pays homage to the history of the Maritime Republics

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