Colori e fibre naturali: la collezione SS 2024 firmata Saveone unisce comfort, eleganza e freschezza

Natural colors and fibres: the SS 2024 collection by Saveone combines comfort, elegance and freshness

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Natural colors and fibers are the undisputed protagonists of the new spring/summer 2024 collection by Saveone. A wide offer to combine elegance, sartorial style and comfort in everyday life. And, as usual, the high quality offer for tailor-made suits and shirts for men's formal outfits.   

Colors: undisputed protagonists of the new spring/summer collection

Colors are the protagonists of the spring/summer collection by Saveone. Bright colours, bright colours, for jackets, for shirts, for classic outwear, but above all for dresses. Colors that fit with freshness and originality into the trend of simplicity and sartorial elegance , which have always been distinctive features of the men's brand, rigorously Made in Italy, which has made innovation a fundamental component of its identity.

Comfort, freshness, style and elegance of the fabrics. Natural fibers make the difference

If the colors are the undisputed protagonists, however, the strong points are undoubtedly the fabrics. This year, in fact, Saveone has introduced - also on ready-made suits - a super 130 tropical wool , which combines comfort and freshness in a trendy and extremely elegant solution . Tropical version which is also available for the mismatched, double-breasted jacket (which can therefore be combined with trousers), available in different classic colours: blue, cornflower blue, dark blue, beige and grey. It is throughout the collection, however, that natural fibers make the difference, with a wide selection of 100% linen cotton jackets, for a tailored proposal that integrates elegance , style , freshness and comfort .

Another strong point of the new collection are the footwear , with the novelty of the Vibram sole - a special high-performance rubber - both for the less elegant models, such as the moccasin, and for the classic shoe. An innovative choice that consolidates Saveone as a brand for those who choose to dress in style every day, without giving up freedom of movement and agility in everyday life.

Classic style, tailor-made and customizable: the Saveone proposal for men's formal suits

To accompany the wide sartorial range for business, formal and casual styles, there is an offer for men's formal suits which confirms the personality and character of the brand. In line with its identity, Saveone has in fact chosen to focus heavily on tailor-made suits and shirts. The master color for wedding and wedding suits is blue, a full-blown classic, also available in micro patterns (for example, chevron) to make a garment truly elegant, without giving up an original style at the same time .

In the tailor-made offer, however, it is the customer who can build, with the advice of the brand's experts, the style that best suits his own taste and ideas. In fact, you can choose the fabric, the color of the internal lining, the stitching, the button... for a completely customizable style with a variety of truly unique details .