Sanremo 2024: gli outfit maschili che hanno conquistato il palco.

Sanremo 2024: the men's outfits that conquered the stage.

Sanremo 2024. Extravagant elegance: the men's looks that have left their mark.

The world of fashion is now an undisputed protagonist of the Sanremo festival. In particular, male looks have become an integral part of the show and the singers' performances. Thus, the edition which marked, after many years, the return to victory of a woman, Angelina Mango, will also be talked about for the outfits promoted by brands and stylists in collaboration with singers. 

Sanremo 2024: the watchword is extravagance

If there is an adjective that, more than any other, has conquered the Ariston stage in terms of look and dress code, it is undoubtedly "extravagant". Extravagance has in fact become a real habit at the Italian song festival and this is especially true for the male dress code . Yet not many years have passed since the sensation caused by Achille Lauro dressed as Elizabeth I. It was 2020, when the young Roman trapper literally drove the audience crazy by appearing in the dress of the "virgin and free" Queen of England to claim independence and freedom from pre-established canons and schemes. 

Today it seems that no one is surprised anymore by Dargen D'Amico in a tracksuit and teddy bear or by Mahmood in an acetate tracksuit. How is it possible? Simple, since then, the game has been to combine elegance and provocation , trying to always stay one step ahead. Thus, in Sanremo the look has become a real show performance, the design of a mental scheme that accompanies and, in a certain sense, anticipates the performances on stage.

Sanremo: the world of fashion is the undisputed protagonist

Beyond the styles, more or less extravagant, what is certain is the increasingly undisputed protagonism of the world of fashion at the Festival. Well yes, Sanremo still remains a singing competition, but the work of stylists and brands is increasingly influential, as they have the power to make the public talk about a singer for his look and his image. 

This seventy-fourth edition of the Festival will also be remembered for the outfits , for the collaboration between Dargen D'amico and Moschino , for Mahmood's Valentino dress, for the partnership between Sangiovanni and GCDS and that between the French Saints and Dolce&Gabbana . Gucci , with its new director Sabato di Sarno, also made its debut on stage, thanks to the presence, as a guest, of the MotoGP world champion Pecco Bagnaia . In short, if Angelina Mango won the Festival edition, the first woman after many years to do so, this Sanremo will be talked about in the future also for menswear . 

The looks from the last night of the festival: the winners in terms of style

If the last evening, amidst controversies, boos and twists, was full of excitement, from the point of view of the outfits some singers certainly managed to amaze more than the others. Starting from the male singer who ranked highest of all, the Neapolitan rapper Geolier , who arrived on the second step of the podium, who appeared on stage with an Emporio Armani blouse embroidered with sequins, a very elegant and original style that he many consensuses. A completely different Mahmood style, dressed by stylist Lisa Jarvis with her “gold tracksuit” and a look with leather sweatshirt and gold sequin details and trousers, custom made by Valentino , literally a space glossy one. Another stylist, Ramona Tabita, and another story for Ghali , with a very refined and elegant look that distinguished him throughout the festival. For the last performance she chose a unique piece by Marni , a futuristic-inspired dress, a total black look shiny, composed of a pair of high-waisted trousers and a structured vest with oversized shoulders and extraterrestrial suggestions.

Certainly a step below Ghali, Geolier and Mahmood, but we cannot fail to mention Dargen D'Amico, Santi Francesi and Diodato . With the last one performing with a style - unlike the others - very simple and discreet, but anything but obvious and formal, wearing a suit designed by Zegna and chosen by stylist Carlotta Borgogna. The Santi Francesi couple, on the other hand, chose a pure white, almost angelic, designed by Dolce&Gabbana and with a bit of sensual but composed nudity at the same time. And, finally, Dargen D'Amico who partnered with Moschino in the name of eccentricity. For him, a two-tone wool suit, red and black, inspired by the 2000 autumn/winter collection, with thousands of small hearts in contrasting sequins applied by hand.