L’uomo è nato con gli stivali. Storia e carattere di una scarpa che non passa mai di moda

Man was born with boots. History and character of a shoe that never goes out of fashion

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In leather or suede, almost knee-high or ankle-high, with or without heel. The men's boot has a thousand faces. A versatile but always comfortable shoe that never goes out of fashion. This is the secret of its success and its long history, which starts from Paleolithic man, passes through the camps of ancient soldiers and reaches the rock of the Beatles.

The history of boots, from the Paleolithic to the Beatles

The boot has always been the men's shoe par excellence . Its history has such ancient roots that it allows for a statement that may seem paradoxical but which is actually true: man was born with boots , or almost. On the other hand, is it possible to imagine a more protective and comfortable shoe than a boot? A very particular shoe, capable of embracing the foot and calf. This is why, as early as the Paleolithic , men began to wrap their legs, from the foot to just below the knee, with animal skins. Rough ancestors of boots, these primitive footwear protected from the hardness of the ground and the cold.

Man was born with boots, then, and then continued to walk in them. The most important peoples of antiquity have always shown a love for boots. Sumerian soldiers wore them, represented in many bas-reliefs in Mesopotamia and emulated, centuries later, by ancient Roman gladiators and Greek leaders. Indeed, the military sector has always been the preferred theater for the evolution of the boot, the battle shoe par excellence.

The transition from military shoe to trendy shoe , however, took place starting from the mid-1800s . The credit, according to the most reliable historical reconstructions, went to the trusted shoemaker of Queen Victoria , sovereign of the United Kingdom. With such a famous sponsor, success was assured. It is no coincidence that for decades, ankle boots were the most popular footwear among the aristocrats of Europe . They remained at the center of men's fashion until the First World War, then were put aside for a while. It didn't take them long, however, to regain the limelight: in the 1960s they became the shoe of the new generations in search of freedom, a symbol of rebellion also worn by the Beatles .

Every style has its own boot

The success of the boots, as well as their unquestionable comfort, lies in their versatile character and ability to adapt to different looks, both elegant and sporty. Among the most popular models, there is certainly one suitable for you!

The timeless Chelsea Boots

They are so famous that they have now become the almost universal synonym of the word ankle boot. They are precisely the ones invented in the 19th century by Queen Victoria's shoemaker. And they are still the ones chosen by John Lennon and Paul McCartney to go on stage during the Beatles' tours. Their distinctive feature is represented by the side elastic, which makes them extremely practical to wear. In its collection of ankle boots, Saveone offers a wide choice of Chelsea Boots , made of leather with Italian craftsmanship. Shoes with soft and delicate lines but with a strong personality.

The feisty Chukkas

Chukka is the name by which Desert Boots, designed by Clarks, are known. Extremely popular and versatile, they are inspired by the footwear worn by English soldiers in Burma in the 1940s. Desert boots, to allow soldiers to resist in very difficult conditions, were light and comfortable.

The sporty Biker boots and Hiking Boots

More sporty souls can choose between two types of boots. Biker Boots are the ones most loved by motorcyclists, while Hiking Boots, designed for mountain enthusiasts, follow the shapes and style of trekking shoes, adapting them, however, to city life.